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theartdoll Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2008
It was the year 1990 when I traveled through Europe. Couples of dolls exhibitions were held there and I went for some sightings. As it turns out, it excites me to study sculpturing and creating collectible dolls. It was the fact that Indonesia has so many cultures that raise my enthusiast to establish my own ethnical dolls.

Then I decided to start learn sculpturing autodidact, bear in mind that as a child I was having excellent grades in hand-made creativity.

On 1994, I went to America to obtain more knowledge in porcelain doll making. For over two years I lived there, I produce my own porcelain dolls and interviewed by couples of doll magazines in America and also did a couple of solo exhibition. Back then, it was the first time the type of doll I was making were well accepted there.

End of 1997, I went back to Indonesia to create more arts. 1998, I was asked by home shopping network USA, the biggest home shopping company in the state for over 50 years, to join them as one of their doll designer. The year 2000 was the year when I got an award chosen as the best artist of the year by more than 7 millions viewers of home shopping network USA. The same year, I was chosen as one of best Indonesian artist who went internationally along with other 4 well-known Indonesian artists. And it makes me very proud of myself because of more than hundreds other talented artists in Indonesia, I was chosen. And even more proudly that I am, I was chosen by the government of Indonesia based on the dolls I created that promoted the beauty of multicultural of Indonesian tribes throughout Europe and America.

Also the same year, home shopping Europe also asked me to join the group as one of the best doll designer. Less than one year, my works was a hit unexpectedly.

Gotz puppen??, as one of the biggest doll manufacturing company in Germany

Four years of being the most favorite artists among collectors all over Europe. The dolls may have been popular by all the collectors but not knowing the artist brings all the curiosity for knowing the artist. That curiosity took notice of today special show, the artist was asked to own a solo show for their viewers. The doll that was presented that day was the artist’s favorite named Desi (with photo attached) and in less than 20 minutes the doll sold out. From then on, Dwi Saptono well known as an international Doll artist.

Dwi Saptono as an international doll artist, with so many accepted pieces all over the world. Based in Bali, Indonesia. Wanted to start introducing doll making as an art in Indonesia by making classes based in Bali. With the class running, there is a hope that doll making is well accepted not only for artists but also society. Bali was chosen in the first place because it is the centre of all nation and mixed culture.


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